Vintage or Custom Conrods

Genuine Argo Vintage Conrods to Any Specification!!
Having Trouble Finding Conrods for you Vintage Car?
Argo Engineering is a highly established Australian supplier of authentic vintage rods. Made from the same high quality steel as our High Performance Racing Conrods, Argo Vintage Conrods are designed to exactly meet the original specifications of your vintage vehicle.
Is the Old car not what it used to be??? Do you need a few extra mm’s here or there?? No problem…Argo will add length or shave a bit here or there to fit those tiny little modifications you’ve made to make your vintage car run like it should.
Just like all of our Racing conrods, Argo Vintage Conrods can be manufactured to any specification for any make or model.
Register your Vintage Car with Argo for Special Promotions to Suit Your Needs!

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Priced from $1200
Price excludes Shipping & Handling.
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    Ordering Vintage Conrods

    Argo Vintage Conrods are Custom Manufactured to your specifications when you order them. Argo takes every step to ensure that you vintage rods will perform exactly as you expect them to.
    Orders are scheduled for production as they are received and normal processing time for Vintage orders is 8 weeks.

    Please call us with any questions or for more information. tel: 61-(02) 4934-7099