Frequently Asked Questions


How do I measure a centre distance?
Centre distance is the distance from the centre of the big end dia to the centre of the little end dia.

What are Argo Rods rated at?
Argo green list and stock rods at a minimum are rated at 250 h/p per cylinder with many of our rods rated at 400hp/p depending on the design of the rod. When you purchase custom made rods – you tell us what you need and we will make them to suit.

Are Argo rods heavy?
No. Argo rods are strong and reliable. We make them in an I beam construction which allows for the strongest rod and the lightest weight. If you are curious what the weights would be just email us.
How long will it take to get a set of custom rods made?
Argo have custom runs starting every 4 weeks. A run takes 4 weeks to complete. We send out emails to our customers advising when our custom runs are commencing so that you can plan your build.

Do Argo rods come fully finished and balanced?
Yes. Argo rods come fully balanced and finished.

Why do Argo mainly manufacture I beam rods?
I beam rods are allow for a stronger rod at a lighter weight. H beam rods are common within imported products as they are lower in cost to manufacture.

What is an Argo “Greenlist”rod?
Greenlist is Argo’s high volume rods. We make these in large quantities and can be found on our shelf. High volume means we can offer you the same high quality in our stock and custom rods at a less expensive price.

What is an Argo “stock rod”?
Stock rods are rods that Argo makes in smaller batches and can often be found on the shelf at Argo. They are made to the same quality as Argo’s custom rods.

Can you make any type of conrod?
Yes. Argo specialise in making high quality conrods to our customers specifications. From the very big to the very small to the very unusual. Argo can make it all.

Which Subaru rods do I need to order?
When ordering Subaru rods it is best to check your centre distance. Each rod has a different centre distance. Specification sheets can be found on our website.


How much do I fill my gearbox up?
500ml of 80W/90 EP Gear oil

How do I empty oil out of my gearbox?
If the box has a ski clutch you can remove the shift leaver and the oil will drain out,  if it doesn’t you will need to remove the gear box and drain from top plug in the breather hole.

How do I check the level of oil in the gearbox?
There is a level plug on the front starboard side of the gearbox which you can remove the level plug and oil should seep out.  This indicates there is enough oil in the gearbox.

How do I measure my prop shaft?
The length of the prop shaft is the distance from the drive coupling to the back of the skeg plus minimum 13mm clearance plus your allowance for propeller and thread.

How often should I have my gearbox serviced?


What boats/engines can Argo service?
Argo can service all inboard and stern drive boats. We have software for Mercruiser, PCM and Inmar.

How do I book my boat in for a service?
Call our office 02 49347099, have information about you boat ready.

Where will my boat be stored?
Boats will be stored indoors.
Can you store my boat if I can’t pick it up or drop it off on the day of service?
Yes if we have the room to store your boat we will allow you to store the boat for a short period of time. Extended storage will incur a fee.
Do I need to have my boat Insured when stored at Argo?
Yes. You need to ensure you have comprehensive insurance on your boat whilst it is stored on the premises at Argo.


What certification does Argo Engineering work to?
Argo has ISO9001: 2008 – Argo are currently transitioning to ISO9001:2015