The Argo Story

Argo began in 1972 at its current location along the Hunter River in Morpeth, NSW, Australia as a family business for Phil & Denise Kaal. It has always been the love of racing which has been at the heart of Argo’s success. “Everything we do is related to going Fast in some way”!

From the humble beginnings of 2 people nearly 35 years ago, onward today, as a team of talented engineers and machinists, Argo is still run with the care of a family business and the precision of a finely tuned machine. In the beginning, the mission was simple….to provide the best service to the Engineering and Marine industry.

As technology advanced through the years and new, more powerful engines evolved, it became clear that existing engine components could not withstand the new levels of horsepower being created. Through the Vision of Argo, the company also evolved, created new technology and found new methods of manufacturing components.

Argo raised the level of performance and met the needs of a changing market. It has been through this type of progessive thinking that Argo has gone from manufacturing 10 sets of V8 Conrods that first year to over 15,000 rods currently and has become a main supplier to the racing efforts of major automotive manufacturers in Australia and around the World.

Our conrods have been on board racing championship teams all over the world in nearly every area of motorsports. World Water Ski Racing, Tour Car, Drag Racing, Dirt Track and Speedway titles have all been captured using Argo rods and components.

Argo has proven to be successful in today’s global market and has earned a worldwide reputation of quality and performance, second to none. In 2002, Argo was awarded one of the highest levels of achievement within the industry. The prestigious IS 9001 : 2000 certification was granted by Benchmark and JAS ANZ for achieving and maintaining exemplary standards for quality management and production.

Today, Argo continues to be an innovator and market leader with ever changing technology and a commitment to excellence in all we do.