Argo’s Conrods Torque Specs

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Rod Bolt Installation Application: General Replacement Steel Rods
Under no circumstances assemble rods without lube on thread and under head.
Use ARP Moly Assembly Lube.

1. Clean bolts, bolt holes & mating faces with brush to remove any residue before installing rods
2. Please check part numbers for your application against part numbers listed on instruction sheets.
3. Rods should always be re-sized when new bolts are installed.
4. Use ARP Moly Assembly Lubricant to lubricate the threads of the bolt and nut face.
5. ARP recommends using the STRETCH METHOD for torquing bolts. Follow instructions for using a stretch gauge.
6. If you do not have a stretch gauge, follow these steps after using ARP Moly Assembly Lube. After rods are installed into the motor-Torque the bolts to the listed pressure. Loosen the bolts and torque again. Loosen the bolts and torque again third and final time.

Part No


Bolt Stretch

ARP 2000 # 200-6210

5/16 UNF

25 lbs

 .0053” – .006”

ARP 2000 # 200-6207

3/8 UNF

45 lbs

 .0058” – .0062”.

ARP 2000 # 200-6205

7/16 UNF

75 lbs

 .0064” – .0068”
3AG1.50010U 5/16 UNF Custom AGE Bolt .0063” Stretch
4AJ1.600-10SLU 3/8 UNF   Custom AGE Bolt .0068” Stretch

A log should be kept on the original non-torqued length of each bolt. Bolts that have any permanent deformation or have increased non-torqued length should be replaced.

Please feel free to call us if you have any questions and we will be happy to assist you.

GUARANTEE: The benefits conferred by this guarantee are in addition to all other rights and remedies in respect of the product which the purchaser has under The Trade Practices Act 1974 (Commonwealth) and similar State and Territory laws.
Argo Engineering Pty Limited (“Argo”) guarantees the quality of the steel used in the manufacture of the rods and the dimensional size detailed in the herein order form. Argo has no control over the assembly of the connecting rods in an engine and all Argo rods should be installed ONLY by a professional engine builder who is experienced in assembling high performance engines. If Argo receives notice, within 30 days of delivery, that this product is out of tolerance or not as specified on the herein order form, Argo shall at its option repair or replace the product proven to be out of tolerance or not as specified in the herein order form. If Argo is unable to repair or replace any such returned product the purchaser shall be entitled to a refund of the purchase price.

Connecting Rod Bolt Log: To accurately determine the life of a bolt, it is recommended a log of the bolt’s original freestanding (or untorqued) length be kept and recorded upon subsequent tear-downs for inspection. The free-standing length should be checked against the original length. If there is an increase in length of .001”or more, or if there is any permanent deformation or galling, the bolt/s should be replaced.

Rod#1 In Out Rod#2 In Out Rod#3 In Out Rod#4 In Out
Rod#5 In Out Rod#6 In Out Rod#7 In Out Rod#8 In Out
Rod#1 In Out Rod#2 In Out Rod#3 In Out Rod#4 In Out
Rod#5 In Out Rod#6 In Out Rod#7 In Out Rod#8 In Out

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